Bias and Fairness in AI

Course 4

Bias mitigation

Bias mitigation

Deepen your knowledge of the basics with practical exercises to increase your learning success. Please note that the exercises are based on specific sections of the basics page of this unit.

This course builds on the “Recognising Bias & Quantifying Unfairness” section of the core page.

> Bias mitigation
> Two tasks
> 10 minutes

Deepen your knowledge of possible mitigation strategies with this course.

In this course we look at the different categories of bias mitigation algorithms. You can also use the XAI demonstrator to question AI and discover Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Task 4.1


Algorithms to minimize bias

Task 4.1

Bias mitigation algorithms are categorised according to where they are used in the ML lifecycle. In this exercise you can see if you can assign the different categories correctly.

To do this, drag the relevant terms from the left to the appropriate position in the blue boxes.



Task 4.2


XAI demonstrator

Task 4.2

The XAI demonstrator is an application that allows you to experience Explainable AI methods live and interactively.
In this assignment you will try out the XAI Demonstrator. You will also find information about how it works and real examples of different use cases.

Just follow the link below.

(Unfortunatelty only available in German)